Wedding Appetizers for an Italian Wedding

7 appetizers for an italian weddingWedding Appetizer Ideas for an Italian Wedding:

Wedding appetizers are great for guests to snack on during the cocktail hour, while the bridal party is taking photos, or when guests arrive for the wedding ceremony. An Italian wedding offers many ideas for unique and tasty appetizers.

A molto bene idea for Italian wedding appetizers can be to have a food bar. With a food bar, you can serve your guests with Italian classics, like prosciutto and mozzarella, or wine and homemade pizza. There, your guests can serve themselves and fill up on delizioso treats and feel like they are truly in Italy.

For more inspiration, I’ve listed additional wedding appetizer ideas below:

Bread and Olive Oil Bar

Bruschetta and Avocado

Pizza, an Italian Classic!

A Meat Tier with Figs

Italian Cream Sodas

Capresi, Tomato and Pepperoni Bites with Pesto

Chocolate Tartlets with Pears

There are so many great appetizer ideas for an Italian wedding. Do you have a favorite Italian dish or snack? Let me know in the comments below!

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