6 Ideas for Wedding Flowers

wedding flowers

wedding flowers

Wedding flowers are an important part of the wedding process. Every new bride knows that on her wedding day, flowers can make or break the wedding. They are the most striking accessory of the bride while she walks down the aisle.  It can be difficult finding the right flowers for your wedding theme so I’ve listed six beautiful wedding flower ideas below:



Peonies are lovely flowers with full petals which give it a very fluffy appearance. Peonies are also lovely alone in a bouquet or paired with white roses.




Roses are perfect for a classy and romantic wedding. Red roses add an elegant touch and a beautiful pop of color. White or peach roses are a great for a spring or summer wedding because they look fresh and sweet.


Calla Lilies


If you want a simple and classic bouquet, I suggest calla lilies. The flowers taper up from a slim stem and add harmony and elegance to the bouquet.




Lilacs are great wedding flowers because they are beautiful accent flowers for a violet themed bouquet. An all lilac bouquet is also beautiful because they resemble a lavender cloud for a more whimsical appearance.




For the rustic or country wedding, sunflowers are perfect. They add a homey and natural feel to the bouquet.




Dahlias, like peonies, add a nice fluffy appearance to bouquets. Paired with jasmine, dahlias make a charming, chic bouquet.

What flowers did you use in your bouquet? Let me know in the comments below!



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